Why Pride?


Why pride?


It’s a question that people continue to ask – why do we still have Pride?
Gay Pride events have been an integral part of the Gay Rights movement for decades and have no doubt helped us in working towards our fight for equality. We’ve made progress in many areas, including the abolition of Section 28, equalisation of the age of consent and the introduction of civil partnerships in 2005.
The UK is one of the most LGBT friendly places in the world. This is BRILLIANT. So you may wonder what more we hope to achieve?


Well, quite a lot more, actually.


Each year, debate rages over the need for Pride.
“There’s no straight pride, so why is there a gay one?” is a question that pops up over and over again.
There’s no straight pride because, quite simply, there doesn’t need to be one.


Straight children aren’t victimised for being straight. It’s who they are. They don’t have to hide it. Straight kids aren’t considered “different” for being straight. No-one has ever wrestled with the decision of coming out as heterosexual.
Gay kids still wake up each and every day, dreading school. Putting up a front. They have been gay from birth – they probably don’t even know that yet, but they know they don’t fit in.


They know it hurts when they’re called “gay”.


The truth is that gay children are five times more likely to commit suicide than their straight counterparts.


That is not acceptable.


We want to teach that it’s fine to be gay. It doesn’t matter.
It certainly shouldn’t matter.
There’s so much hate in the world! We should stand up and teach people that it’s irrelevant who you love. How fantastic that you love someone. Don’t hide it! Shine your light. Don’t be ashamed, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
The sad truth is homophobia is alive and kicking. Take a look at the comments on local news websites. If being gay isn’t an issue, why are the vocal minority so very upset? It’s all about love – not hate – after all.
This shows how far we still really need to come.


Thank god the United Kingdom is a million miles ahead of other countries. If gay pride were so unimportant, why would Russia have outlawed it for 100 years? What are they afraid of?


Pride is just that, it’s a chance to be proud and a chance to make a difference to the attitudes that still surround us to this day. Pride is about standing up, with our straight friends and family and saying that “we’re here and we’re happy”.
There is no apology for shoving our sexuality “down people’s throats” – because we don’t do that. We live our lives. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of and we are not ashamed to show our love. No-one accuses a boyfriend and girlfriend of having a political motive when they kiss.


Love is something to be proud of, not something to hide.






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